Net Live

Net Live

Remote Management Solution


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Net-Live is Remote Management Solution(RMS) to be controlled applications by Mexus router.
It provides real-time monitoring, remote control, data traffic & alarm systems etc.


Solution Description Remark
Real-time monitoring Router real-time status  
Data traffic & usage status  
Data event status  
Remote control Router & Application remote control  
Firmware update OTA  
Router parameter configuration  
Web-based management tool  
Group management Grouping by locations  
Managing by accounts  
Alarming solution Event alarm  
Kakao & SMS alarm  
Report by category Operating router data  
Data Traffic history   
Data failure history   
Certificate Registered Trademark with "Net-Live" KIPO in Korea
Real-time monitoring
Status 1  Router real-time status
Status 2  Data traffic & usage status
Status 3  Data event status
Remote control
Stutus 1  Router & Application remote control
Status 2  Firmware update OTA
Status 3  Router parameter configuration
Status 4  Web-based management tool
Group management
Status 1  Grouping by locations
Status 2  Managing by accounts
Alarming solution
Status 1  Event alarm
Status 2  Kakao & SMS alarm
Report by category
Status 1  Operating router data
Status 2  Data Traffic history 
Status 3  Data failure history 
Status  Registered Trademark with "Net-Live" / KIPO in Korea